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Solid Understanding

Project Based Learning is a powerful but challenging instructional method that requires vision, structure, and a solid understanding of the learning process. Good projects do not occur by accident. They result from rigorous up front planning that includes thoughtful outcomes, performance assessments, and authentic learning activities.

Six Steps to Help You Begin Planning

Develop a Project Idea

Decide the scope of the project

Select Standards

Incorporate simultaneous outcomes

Work from project design criteria

Create the optimal learning environment





By practicing the first step for any project in life - Begin with the End in Mind - you will improve your ability to plan projects, as well as communicate the purpose and context of a project to your students. Students who understand the meaning of what they are learning retain more information and apply their knowledge more skillfully, and feel more motivated to achieve.
See the Evolution of a Project
Developing the Project Idea

Developing a Project
High School
The Watershed Project
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Developing a Project
High School
The Wing Project
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Gender Project
Middle School
The Gender Project
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PBL Videos
See PBL in Action - Elementary Elementary
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Middle School
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High School
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