Teaching Online

Where to go next? Use the Course Design pop-up menu on the left (next to the red arrow) and select Planning.


Course Design: Introduction

This section of the Teaching Online Guide focuses on course planning and design. While many of the ideas and strategies are generic the main focus will be on the PBL online course. Included within the course design section is information about the phases of planning an online course, software for online teaching, using multimedia, teaching strategies, and assessment for online instruction. In general, the design of an online course entails four main realms. These are the people involved (who), the content (what), the teaching strategies and software tools (how), and the location of the course (where). The course design pages on this guide address aspects of these realms and the associated design elements. Scroll your mouse over the diagram to the right to see how everything fits together.


More Information
The links listed under Course Design and Students in the table of contents pane on the left open pages with additional details about all of the realms of the online course. The information is geared toward supporting instructors who are teaching a course in project based learning online.