What do PBL Teachers Say?

Overview: What does a whole project look like?

  • Analyzing instructional needs, selecting activities, estimating time, and preparing resources are key tasks in project planning. Learn how to plan for project success.

Explore: Look at the different parts of a project in depth

  • Learn how to structure a project from beginning to end.

Practice: Practice putting what you know about the elements of a project together

  • Take what you have learned from your exploration and apply it here.

Assess: How much do you know about the elements of a good project?

  • Test yourself on the skills necessary for organizing a project.

San Fernando High School Multimedia Project


movie QT Flash w/captions

The San Fernando Educational Technology Team (SFETT) helps Latino students Find their Voices Through Multimedia

Click here to learn more about this school from our PBL-Online partner, the George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF).