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Strategies for Searching the Web

The World Wide Web is a massive and dynamic collection of information. The task of finding specific information may be accomplished through the use of search engines or directories. A search engine is a type of software that searches an index of Web sites and returns a list of sites that match a search phrase. The index may be created through the use of a crawler or spider that scans Web sites automatically. By contrast, a directory is categorical listing of Web sites that is compiled by people. The examples shown in the table below illustrate some of the differences between Web searching tools.

Web Searching Tools: Some Examples
Category Brief Description
Crawler A crawler or spider scans the World Wide Web and indexes Web pages it finds. The index may be searched to locate information.
Directory A directory is a list of sites organized by category. People are responsible for preparing the listings in a directory.
Meta Search A meta search engine searches the results of several other search engines and compiles the results.


Search Strategies:
Locating information on the Internet can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are some simple strategies that may be used to help you find the information you are seeking. The following articles have been written by staff at Search Engine Watch. This site features many resources devoted to all aspects of online searching.


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