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Computer Hardware

To participate in an online course you will need to have access to a computer that has sufficient hardware to support the course work. It is very frustrating to fight an old or inadequate computer while simultaneously becoming oriented to the new learning environment. Before beginning the course it is a good idea to make sure your computer will handle the demands of the online course.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

The minimum hardware requirements for successful participation in an online course includes several pieces of computer equipment. The list below describes hardware requirements that you will most likely need to meet or exceed when taking your online course.

1.2 Ghz Processor: A processor may also be referred to as a microprocessor or CPU. A processor may be thought of as the brain of the computer.

256 MB RAM: RAM stands for random access memory. It is temporary memory used while the computer is turned on.

30 GB Hard Drive: A hard drive is permanent memory inside of the computer.

Monitor and Video Card: The video card should support the type of monitor and display being used.

Sound Card With Speakers: Computer speakers plug into the sound card and allows you to play sounds on the computer.

CD ROM: Compact disc player.

Inkjet or Laser Printer: This will allow you to print documents from your computer or from the Internet.

Modem: The modem allows you to connect to the Internet. You should have at least a 56k modem or better.