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Computer Basics

When participating in an online course it is important to have a good computer and know how to use it. Frustrations often arise due to computer problems. Old equipment and software may be inadequate for handling the demands of online learning. Out dated computer software may be incompatible with the online course. Internet connections may be slow or sluggish making it difficult to access multimedia content used in the online lessons. Alternatively, a student in an online course may have wonderful computer hardware and software, yet lack the basic skills needed to use the technology. All of these issues can interfere with a happy and successful online learning experience. Therefore, it is beneficial to learn about computer hardware and software prior to taking an online course. This knowledge will support wise decision making when upgrading, selecting, or purchasing technology to be used while learning online. Once adequate computer hardware and software are obtained it is essential to learn how to operate and troubleshoot both.

This section of the Learning Online Guide will cover some of the basics of computer hardware and software needed when taking an online course. The information has been developed in a generic form to benefit a wider audience. Computer hardware, software, and file management are covered in this portion of the guide. Information about the Internet is available in a separate section, which is linked from the table of contents on the left.